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LUL has many years of experience and capability in motor control. We develop a variety of motor-drive、 ASIC Driver and related control application components also can provide customers with instant and complete solutions.

1.Brushless motor control applications :
LUL has developed several single-phase and three-phase brushless motor driver ICs such as Hall Sensor and Sensor-less uses widely in automotive grade, Industrial grade, commercial grade etc. Product range includes Cooling Fans, Blowers, Oil Pumps, Water Pumps in vehicle. Industrial mixers, Micro-reducers, Smart Pump in industry. Agricultural Sawmill, Lawn Mower, Submerged Pump in farming and Medical Centrifuges, Blood Circulation Machines and Dental Drills in medical treatment. Daily necessities include Remote Control Cars, Cash Registers, Automatic Doors, Screw Driver etc.

2.Brush motor control :
In response to customer‘s design requirements for traditional motor control, LUL has developed a series of functional products with torque compensation and speed setting etc. The applications include Dynamic Mirrors, Window Anti-clamp Controllers, Automotive Cooling Fans, Blowers, Industrial Drilling Machines, Lifting Tables, Household Lathes, Industrial Blessing Controllers, etc.

3.Others :
3-1.In order to effectively solve customers’ integrated design problems, LUL provides customized services such as connecting remote (WIFI, Bluetooth, RF etc.)、connection Interface (RS232, SPI, USB etc.)、Display and Test tooling etc.
3-2.To provide consultation and cooperation with manufacturers of motors and electronic components
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